Free Flash Decompiler
Free Flash Decompiler
Upgrade to Flash Decompiler Gold Full Version
Upgrade to Flash Decompiler Gold Full Version
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At Metrix Media Software we want our customers to make the best possible purchase decision, Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of our software downloads. We also encourage you to explore the product pages of our website to obtain comprehensive product information.

In the event that you need to return an Metrix Media Software product, you must make your request within 30 days of purchase. Additionally, Metrix Media Software reserves the right to deny a refund in the case of a non-authenticated purchase (no order# RE12345678, bad name or address...).

To request a refund for your downloaded (ESD) software purchase, contact us. In your message, you should explain what the problem was and why you want to return the product, include your order#, name, e-mail address and the product key (if any). You will find the order# and the product key in the purchase confirmation e-mail. We expect that you have destroyed all downloaded files and have not been copied or saved in any other way.

Once your refund request has been reviewed, we will send our consent to process the refund to Element 5. We will contact you by email to confirm the refund process has been launched. Your refund will be credited to the credit card charged during your original transaction within a few days.

You'll be refunded of the paid amount without fees.

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Other Ordering Method
Please note that online ordering is automated and therefore much faster than placing an order by fax, e-mail, or phone because you are not limited by our business hours.
If you still prefer to order through our customer service, then please submit the following information:

The product name and the product ID number: Flash Decompiler Gold Product ID: 300195069
The number of units you wish to order
The name to which the product should be licensed
Your billing address and, if applicable, delivery address
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